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How does divorce affect children? This is what they have to say

One of the biggest concerns for a person considering divorce is wondering how it will affect their children. Here are a few things children of divorce had to say about it. We spoke to Mark who is a labor law attorney from Expert Employment Lawyers in Orange County to find out how children deal with divorce.

1. Acting out

Acting out school is a common result of divorce. Children don’t know what to do with their feelings of confusion.

2. Relief

Many children feel relieved their parents can now get away from a bad relationship and be happy again.

3. Financial struggles

One-parent households can be quite tough financially. Parents having two or more jobs to keep them afloat is something that often happens This makes the children respect their parent so much more and have appreciation and gratitude.

4. Blaming everyone

Some children react by blaming their parents and their divorce for their bad behavior. Acting out and making bad decisions become the fault of the parents instead of the child not taking responsibility for their actions.

5. Divorce is bad even in adulthood

No matter how old a child is, his or her parents getting divorced is always going to be painful. Children whose parents got divorced when they were grown up and had their own lives report that it still hurts.

6. Badmouthing

Children do not like having to listen to one parent badmouthing the other. This is a situation that they dread and it makes things worse.

7. Happy for their parents’ new freedom

Many children feel happy for their parents who can now move on and have a better life or the life they have always wanted. The new-found freedom from a bad relationship makes many parents thrive and their children love seeing them happy.

8. Stepping up

Older siblings found that they had to step up as the older brother or sister and help the younger siblings deal with the new situation. They also feel that they need to take on more responsibility to help out around the house.

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Divorce is no picnic: Ask yourself these 7 questions to see if you’re ready

Are you sure you’re ready to get divorced? Ask yourself these questions before you file for divorce.

1. Was your marriage real?

Have you had an ‘us’ and ‘we’ relationship or was it just two people sharing a house? Many relationships that end in divorce was never truly a marriage because there was no unity or togetherness.

2. Do you still have feelings for your other half?

The loss of a relationship where true feelings are involved might be worse than accepting the distress caused by an outside factor. If you still have feelings for your spouse, try counseling or other methods to solve the problem before deciding on divorce.

3. Is divorce a threat or are you serious about it?

Sometimes divorce is just a threat during a heated argument or when one spouse needs the other to realize something is not right. When divorce is continually used as a threat, it is not taken seriously. Divorce is a serious decision only when the person considering it wants to truly end a chapter in their lives and is ready to move on.

4. Is your decision sincere or reactive?

The decision to divorce needs to be accompanied by a lessened emotional connection to your partner otherwise, it becomes a horrible up and down emotional roller coaster. You need to be able to distance yourself emotionally for it to be a sincere decision.

5. Are you at peace with yourself about the decision?

Dealing with conflicting emotions and realizing you have to face them, is very important to be ready for a divorce.

6. Why do you want a divorce?

Do you want to divorce to bring about a change in your partner? If so you might not be ready for it. Divorce can bring about no change apart from ending a marriage.

7. Are you ready to deal with the results of ending a marriage?

Many people will be hurt by the decision of divorce. You need to be ready to deal with the pain, sadness, disruption and financial consequences.

8 Things to do before filing for divorce that will save you time and money later

Before filing for a divorce, there are some things you need to consider to make the process flow better.

1. Make sure that you want to get divorced

Usually, when a person gets to the point of considering divorce, they think they are sure. Ask yourself whether you are truly ready to give up and whether you have exhausted all possibilities for reconciliation.

2. Consult different attorneys

Consult different attorneys to make sure the one you choose is right for you. Choose an attorney that feels right to you and your needs.

3.Get your financial records together

Financial and other documents take center stage in divorce cases. Make sure that you have records of your financial statements, car insurance, mortgages and other relevant documents. If you have shared documentation, get copies before filing for divorce.

4. Decide what you want for your children

The custody of your children will probably be your main concern. Plan a schedule that takes into consideration your, your children’s and your spouse’s schedule and come up with a solution that will be fair to all parties.

5. Determine how your living arrangements will work

Decide whether you and your spouse will continue to live in the same house. Decide where you want to live after the divorce. If you want to keep the house, moving out before or during the divorce may weaken your chances. Your attorney can help you decide what will be best to achieve your desired outcome.

6. Get advice about joint accounts

Ask your attorney what the best course of action will be to deal with joint accounts.

7. Refrain from starting romantic relationships

Starting a romantic relationship before or during a divorce case can still be seen as adultery and may damage your case. Consult your attorney about such issues.

8. Make sure you have social support

Social support from family and friends are crucial during the period of a divorce. Divorce is draining and emotional and you will definitely need to have a strong support system in place to help you through.